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God has an incredible plan for your life. And if you’re not living it now, I know you can. As a Board Certified Christian Life Coach I find great joy helping clients move from a good life to experiencing God's best, spiritually, physically, and relationally.
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Healthy Living: Clutter-Free

Healthy Living is Clutter-Free Do you have any projects around the house just waiting to be completed? Maybe a closet or two that needs “going through?” Then, my sister, you may feel encouraged to know, you’re not alone. I’ve chosen May as my KRR month and I invite you to do the same. Let’s define […]

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Personality Profiling Empowers Parents!

Personality Profiling empowers parents to understand the nature of their child’s behavior-style, and their own, giving them bite-sized tools to grow a healthy, productive, and unified family. I’ve been coaching parents for years and especially love teaching them about behavioral styles. With an advanced certification as a Personalities Trainer through CLASSeminars Inc. I study people’s temperments to […]

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Raising Respectful Kids

  Raising children to respect others, begins with respecting themselves. What happens when children do not respect who they are? They seek out counterfeit love – Girls become sexually aggressive at a young age. . .   I spoke with a young lady who said, “I like a new guy, he’s great and he’s 16.” You […]

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HOPE is Found in Truth!

‭   Have you witnessed wonderful acts of GOD?‬ ‭Oh my brothers and sisters, give Him praise!‬ ‭Never hesitate to share with others what GOD has done in your lives or the lives of others.‬ ‭Our world is hungry-for-hope!‬ ‭HOPE is found in the Truth of GOD… His Word, His Son.‬ ‭“Give praise to the […]

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Parents – The Love Dare Works!

After 30 days, I’m excited to say, the Love Dare works! The Love Dare for Parents Bible study opened the doors-of-kid-connection for many of our Parenting Awesome Kids members. After meeting just once a week over the course of 32 days, our parents were sharing: “I never realized my helping was actually disabling my child.” “Recognizing myself […]

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