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God has an incredible plan for your life. And if you’re not living it now, I know you can. As a Board Certified Christian Life Coach I find great joy helping clients move from a good life to experiencing God's best, spiritually, physically, and relationally.
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Parents: Change a Life in Five Minutes!

“Hi Linda, this is Daisy Whisenant. I’m the principle at Elrod Elementary and I’d love for you to be the speaker at our Character Counts Pillar Awards Ceremony next Spring… You’ll have five minutes to share inspirational wisdom with our students, parents, and faculty. I hope you can make it. Can’t wait to hear back […]

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Loving Your Child’s Personality

Whether you have one child or twelve, here is one way to to have happier relationships in your home, by loving your child’s personality. Consider the following scenarios… Susie was quietly finishing her homework when the door to her bedroom suddenly burst open letting in the unbridled wailing of her little brother Bobby. “Mom, he’s doing it […]

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Help A Girl Out – Overcoming Paper Piles!

I’m four days in, to clearing my front office building. I live on a little less than four acres of land. Our inside fenced yard measures about one acre and in front of our main house is a small building that’s been used for housing my Mother-in-Love, our oldest son and two of his friends […]

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Be Mindful of Wisdom!

Have you really considered the wisdom, understanding, knowledge and skills God has given you? In my research on wisdom, this truth from scripture stood out! I can trust God to supply me with EVERY gift, talent, skill, and knowledge I have. Read these words with me from Exodus… “Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘See, […]

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parents unite fight

Parents! Unite in the Fight Against Deception!

Attention parents!!! Are you ready and willing to fight for the life of your child? We must unite in the fight against deception, to be equipped for the battle. Deception is claiming our families… here is a sample of how easily our children, and adults for that matter, can buy into well-dressed deception. The deception […]

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