Be Mindful of Wisdom!

Have you really considered the wisdom, understanding, knowledge and skills God has given you? In my research on wisdom, this truth from scripture stood out! I can trust God to supply me with EVERY gift, talent, skill, and knowledge I have. Read these words with me from Exodus… “Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘See, […]

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parents unite fight

Parents! Unite in the Fight Against Deception!

Attention parents!!! Are you ready and willing to fight for the life of your child? We must unite in the fight against deception, to be equipped for the battle. Deception is claiming our families… here is a sample of how easily our children, and adults for that matter, can buy into well-dressed deception. The deception […]

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His Warrior Sisters

Warrior Sisters are You Ready for Battle?

Daughters of the Most High God… are you ready for battle! As His Warrior Sisters we are positioned for battle, prepared for battle and can persevere in battle. Are you ready? I’ve had the opportunity to share with hundreds of women one-on-one, in retreat settings, and via the phone and email, the importance of being ready […]

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Rate Your Heart Ripple Impact!

Have you considered the impact your heart ripple has on others around you? The moment you drop into someone else’s life by intent or not… the ripple begins. A heart ripple is a drop-in-time that penetrates hearts and in the process it softens anger, relieves fear, prompts forgiveness, or eases pain. Thus igniting a desire in those caught in […]

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love yellow flower

Live Legacy-Worthy

Are you living legacy-worthy? How do you handle people you don’t like? “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.” Mother Teresa These are good words to live by, but impossible to accomplish in our own strength. Our heavenly Father gave us the template to living a legacy-worthy life in relationships, and it begins […]

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